Printable Joint Venture Contract

By | November 23, 2011

A joint venture contract template is a pre-built document which legally incorporates agreement terms for establishing a corporate relationship between two business companies. It provides them with the liberty to create their own contract document depicting the business activities and ventures to be undertaken by them. However the document also winds up the respective limitations and conditions of being in alliance.

Sample Printable Joint Venture Contract Template


This joint venture contract template ascertains the association formed by ____________ [Provide name of one party, A] and ____________ [Provide name of another party, B]


The association and its liabilities have been confirmed with parties’ consent on ____________ [Provide correct date of confirmation]


The validation of the contract will start from __________ [Mention date of beginning] and will terminate on ___________ [Mention date of closing] or on agreement.


Conditions regarding scope of ventures: [Stipulate the limitations] _____________________________________________________________________

Conditions regarding distribution of properties and shares: [Stipulate the entitlements] _____________________________________________________________________



___________________  [Provide parties’ signatures]

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