Printable Medical Health Bill Invoice

By | November 22, 2011

A medical health bill invoice template is a document which every patient has to procure at the end of his term of confinement in the hospital to make his payment of the bill incurred. The document provides information regarding the billing and expenses during the entire process of treating and curing the patient at the hospital. The right of generating the invoice lies solely with the cashier or the person who is in charge of the patient in order to curtail inaccuracies. The duration of every activity from staying in the ward to the medical services and products used by the patient must be enlisted here for calculations. Thus the invoice must be presented in a customizable format.

You can Download the Free Medical Health Bill Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Medical Health Bill Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Medical Health Bill Invoice Template

Medical Health Bill Invoice Template

Download Medical Health Bill Invoice Template




[Provide the name of the healthcare centre]

Location: _____________ [Provide full address of the centre]Call number: ___________ [Mention official number]Website: ______________ [Mention website name]
Patient’s name: ___________ [Mention full name]Sex: _______ [Mention sex]Age: ______ [Mention age]Address: ___________ [Mention his home address] Date of admittance: _________ [Indicate date]Bed Number: ________ [Provide bed number for reference]Date of release: _______ [Indicate date]Consultant: ________ [Mention the doctor’s name]
SL. NO. [Indicate the serial order] MEDICAL SERVICES [Enlist the medical particulars] RATE [Mention the hourly rate of the hospital] CONCESSION [Enumerate the corresponding discounts] SUM [State the final cost]
Payment: _____________ [Stipulate type]Date: _________ [Mention date]Signature: ___________ [Give signature] Amount: _________________                       Tax Rate: ________________          Total Sum: ________________               Due: _____________________

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