Printable Apartment Lease Agreement Template

By | June 19, 2013

An apartment lease agreement is a form where two parties i.e. the lessor and the lessee, inter into a rental or lease contract for an apartment. A ready to use printable document that lays down the design in which these agreements should be drafted is known as a printable apartment lease agreement template. The agreement must include the amenities, if any, that are being provided by the leaser against the rent. Other points that must be included are the date and month on which the rent becomes due and the length of the agreement. It must also include the full name of the two parties, including the lessee’s earlier address as well as current employment status. This is a reference point for the leaser in case of any eventuality.

Additional points that could be included in the agreement are how the damages would be handled, the security money that would be paid against the apartment or property and other issues. The draft agreement must be reviewed by lawyers from both sides to ensure that they are void of any loophole.

Sample Printable Apartment Lease Agreement Template



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