Printable Business Loan Agreement Template

By | August 22, 2013

Business loans are a popular method of raising money for starting a new business or expanding an existing business. Such loans are given by banks, non-banking financial institutions and even private moneylenders. A printable business loan agreement enlists the terms under which the loan would be given. The funding side is the lender and the borrowing entity is an individual, company or a partnership etc. The content of the loan agreement covers almost all points that are there in a promissory note, though the former is longer and more complex. It has to list the amount of the loan, the time when the money would be received, the piecemeal distribution etc. A printable business loan agreement template is a readymade document that provides the design for drafting such agreements.

The terms of repayment are one of the most important points of a business loan agreement. It must lay down the rate of interest, calculation process and the repayment process. Banks usually ask for a guarantor against the loan. It contains details of debentures, unsecured loan certificates, collateral details etc.



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