Printable Business Transfer Agreement Template

By | June 19, 2013

The ownership of a business can be transferred in various ways. It could be an outright sale where ownership is transferred upon exchange of money. The gradual sale is usually a flexible option where buyer’s payments are usually finances. Whatever be the case a printable business transfer agreement template is necessary. It’s also often used for transferring a lower value business where the buyer has knowledge of the business and detailed warranties aren’t required.

A business transfer agreement is a short agreement suitable for transferring a business from a company, individual or partnership to other similar parties. Such an agreement could also be used to transfer employees of the parent company if needed. Ideally the agreement should include clauses like the transfer of business, title, liabilities and debts, completion, consideration, costs, lease of property, employees, service agreements etc. there could be specific points related to the exact nature of the business. Legal expertise should be sought while preparing such an agreement.



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