Printable Company Agreement Template

By | September 9, 2013

The printable company agreement could be used when there’s an intention to separate the ownership of the entity from the day to day management and have the employees under a separate company. Under such an agreement, the business continues to be owned by the proprietor or partners and operated by a manager or a management on behalf of the owners. The profits from the operations are enjoyed by the owner. The management of the entity and the staff employment, however, are retained by managerial staff against an agreed fee.  In order to draft these agreements one can make use of a readymade document called company agreement template.

The important clauses that are included in the company agreement includes interpretations and definition of the agreement, obligations of the company, payment of service charges, stamp duties and costs, notices, assignments, variations or no-waiver, whole agreement, applicable law for mediation, severability, no-merger, relationship between the concerned parties or signatories, indemnity and other terms and clauses that would be appropriate. Company agreements usually vary between businesses.

Company Agreement Template

Company Agreement Template

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