Printable Confidentiality Agreement Template

By | August 29, 2013

A confidentiality agreement is a written agreement that’s used mostly when two parties, like companies, start to work together on a project. An individual may have the access to some sensitive information and he could be required to sign such an agreements. The signing makes its clear that the person has to deal with private information. These agreements are also used as an incentive for building trust between the parties and often used as reference points in case of a legal tussle.  While drafting these types of agreements, one can make use of a printable confidentiality agreement template that provides a readymade format.

Also known as a non-disclosure agreement between two or more parties, the confidentiality agreement signifies that a confidential relation exists between sides involved. Such agreements are often effected during a strategic meeting where the parties are privy to confidential information that’s not made for the general public. Some agreements could cover non-disclosure of information by only of the parties. But mutual agreements are unlikely to have a one-sided provision.



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