Printable Consignment Agreement Template

By | June 19, 2013

A printable consignment agreement is a guide to an informal or formal contract between an individual or a company that manufactures a particular type of product and a seller or retailer who agrees to stock the product on the shelves for sale, in consideration of a share in the profits. The consignee or the retailer offers the business premises like showroom, shop floor etc for selling the product and don’t assume the responsibility for the expenses incurred. All consignment agreements have to be negotiated independently against a payment or fee structure that’s clearly laid down in writing. Printable consignment agreement template defines the format of these agreements.

A printable consignment agreement template contains important information like the name of the buyer and seller, date of agreement, name of the items consigned and their description, asking price of every item, percentage of asking price payable to the consignee, time allowed for the consignment, clauses in case the items remain unsold etc. The clauses are legally binding on both sides.

Sample Printable Consignment Agreement Template



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