Printable Construction Agreement Template

By | June 19, 2013

A printable construction agreement template is a guide to an agreement that can be inked between two parties regarding the details of the construction cost of a certain project. Such an agreement usually covers expensive and complex projects. Commercial and residential are the two types of clients that use a construction agreement that includes the three basic elements like the project scope, payment details and schedule of work.

A construction agreement has to be signed by the owner of the property who wants the work to be executed and the construction company that’ll execute the project. The project scope includes what the construction work is all about, the detailed schematics, artist rendering, specific instructions etc. Both parties have to agree on the schedule of the project i.e. the start date, end date, phase completion dates etc. The payment details shall include points like the total cost, payment dates etc. Besides, the earnest money for the project has to be mentioned clearly.



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