Printable Fire Risk Assessment Form

By | September 7, 2013

A printable fire risk assessment form is a printable document that is used to carry out the assessment, study reports and estimation of all the fire hazards and fire related risks that can take place in premises, organisation or a work place. Such forms are prepared to evaluate and predict the level of fire risks threats and hence the necessary preventive measures that one should follow.

A well designed fire risk assessment form contains all the information of identifying the fire threats, fire risks and fire hazards. This form is prepared by calculating how a fire risk may take place and therefore estimating the effects that it would have.

In any organisation, certain employers or the employees has an obligation to draft a printable fire risk assessment form, on a monthly or a yearly basis. While drafting a fire risk assessment form, the two components of the fire hazards must be kept in mind that are, the possibility of occurrence of fire and the magnitude of occurrence.

Fire Risk Assessment Form

Fire Risk Assessment Form

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