Printable Promotional Email

By | November 23, 2011

A promotional email template is supposed to help companies create promotional email messages so that these can be sent to all clients in the contact book. It discards individual biases and human errors due to the repetitiveness of the task. The same document can be sent to various companies by customizing only the required portions in the message.

Sample Printable Promotional Email Template


_________________ [Provide name of customer]

_________________ [Provide email id]


________________ [Provide company name]

________________ [Provide email id]


_______________ [Provide subject of promotion]


_______________ [Provide link]


[Insert a picture]

TITLE ______________________________

[Create an attractive title for the promotional]

Special Offers: [Enlist the special offers of the season on the products]

1. __________________________________________

2. __________________________________________

3. __________________________________________

Special news for existing customers: [Lay down the facilities customized especially for the present customers and customers who book first]

1. __________________________________________

2. __________________________________________

3. __________________________________________

For bookings contact,

___________________________ [Give company’s contact]

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