An invoice can be made a lot more compact and succinct if created in MS Access. Access is a software program used to create database of tabular format especially forms and reports. It is a very useful tool for any enterprise creating invoices on almost a regular basis. Since access invoice template rules out many of the errors committed by manual drafters, the tool occupies a very high place in the professional world. MS Access has quite a few advantages over other MS Office tools like Excel in terms of time and energy. The template can be created very fast with hardly any mistake as the software is multi-user aware and a lot more integral in nature.

Sample Access Invoice Template

___________________ INVOICE [Indicate the tile of the invoice]

COMPANY NAME: ________________ [Provide full name of the company]

Name of customer: _________ [Mention full name of the company]Address: ___________ [Provide the mailing address]

Call: ____________ [Mention contact provisions]

ADDRESS: ________________ [Mention complete location]

Invoice Code: __________ [State the invoice number]Invoice Date: __________ [State the invoice date]

Invoice Order: __________ [State the company’s order number]

CONTACT: ________________ [Provide contact]

Delivery made on: _______________ [State the exact date in DD/MM/YY]Transportation method: ___________ [State the way of transfer of products]
PRODUCT [Name the product and its code] DESCRIPTION [Mention product specifications] QUANTITY [State the exact amount of the product] TOTAL [Provide the total amount in $]
Freight/Shipping Cost:
Total Amount:
Payment to be made in: Cash Credit Check
PAYMENT TERMS: [Stipulate the provisos]
Signature: __________ [Provide signature]