An announcement business email template stipulates the layout of an email written to make an announcement and invite clients. The announcement may be concerned with any business operation or event that the company is willing to execute and wants its clients to know about. Thus the subject of announcement and event details should be mentioned very clearly.

Sample Printable Announcement Business Email Template

To: ____________ [State receiver’s email id]

Subject: __________ [State topic]

HEADLINE  _______________ [Provide a caption for the business event in concern]

Respected __________ [Insert client’s name or contact],

This is to bring to your notice that the company has organized an event/seminar/meeting/presentation on ____________ [Mention date of business event] at _______________ [Mention time of event] in ________________ [Mention name of venue].

You are cordially invited to make your participation in the event. To confirm please contact _______________ [Provide name of the representative] on ____________ [Provide contact number] within _____________ [Provide last date of confirmation]


Your sincerely