An annual conference invitation template is the basic structure of an invitation card designed to invite business companies to be a part of a discussion forum at the year-end. It lays down the tentative plans of the conference alongside the various issues to be covered in the discussion. Thus, the template must be framed accurately.

Sample Printable Annual Conference Invitation Template

ORGANIZED BY:  _______________ [Mention agency name]

CONTACT: ____________ [Mention call information]

ADDRESS:_____________ [State the address]

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you about our annual conference to be held on _______ [State the date in DD/MM/YY] in ______________ [State the name of the location] at ____________ [Indicate the time of starting the conference]. The focus of discussion this year is on ____________________ [State the topic] where the following luminaries would present their thesis on the issue:

1. ________________ [Name] ____________ [Designation]

2. ________________ [Name] ____________ [Designation]

3. ________________ [Name] ____________ [Designation]

With Regards,

____________ [Provide name of sender]

____________ [Provide designation]