A basic invoice template is a documentary sample of a bill of sales drafted by the seller company after the completion of a business deal with its customer. It furnishes the criteria based on which the calculations of the payments are done like the taxes imposed on sale, the shipping and transportation charges and other associated costs that are required to be covered within the payment. The price details of the company are given side by side to make a clear indication of the company’s service charge. As it documents the exact nature of the company’s dealing with its customer, the design is highly important for the invoice, in order to accommodate all relevant information on the one hand, and to be easily customizable on the other hand.

Sample Printable Basic Invoice Template

Company Name: _______________ [Provide company name]
Company Headquarter: __________ [Provide the address]
Company Contact: _____________ [Provide contact ids]
INVOICE INFORMATION: [Provide necessary details about the invoice]
Invoice Number: ___________ Invoice Date: _________ Order Number: ___________ Customer Id: __________ Sales Representative: _________________Phone: __________
CLIENT INFORMATION: [Provide necessary information about the customer]
Name: __________
Mailing address: _________
Contact: ___________
Email id: ___________
Item Number [Indicate item code] Product [Name the concerned product] Description [Give a brief outline about the product sold] Quantity [Mention the number of the products traded] Date [Indicate the date of delivery] Unit Price [Mention unit price] Total Cost [Mention total cost]
OTHER COSTS: [Indicate the corresponding amounts] Subtotal: ________Total: _________
Sales Tax:
Other Taxes:
PAYMENT: [Enumerate the payment provisions]
Signature: _______________ [Provide representative’s signature with date]