The business agreement template is a pre-built document that is useful to record the business deal initiated between two companies. This will highlight the basic purpose and nature of the agreement as well as the specifics regarding the date of agreement, names of the two companies etc. However, this kind of template can also be customized according to the terms and conditions that have to be laid.

Sample Business Agreement Template:

Business Agreement  for_______
[State the year on which this agreement has been made]

Business Agreement : [State specific information]

  1. _______________________ [Mention the name of the first party]

Phone no.______________

_______________________[Second party]

2. Address:__________________
Phone no. _________________

Tenure:_______ [State the time period of the agreement]

Date of Agreement:______ [dd/mm/yy]

Purpose of Business Agreement: [Elaborate on the details of the business deal and provide profit sharing agreement as well]




Contract under the jurisdiction of_____________ [Mention the name of the governing body]

Signature of first party:_____________

Signature of Second party:_________________