A business brochure design template provides the layout of a professional brochure which is expected to enhance the appeal of the brochure and attract customers with its visual and informational cues. Thus the template must be drawn in a manner so that the information can be compressed within the limited number of pages very smoothly.

Sample Printable Business Brochure Design Template

[Select a suitable color and graphic combination for the entire layout] Logo Design: ____________ [Add the emblem in the starting page of the brochure] Name: __________ [Provide the name in BOLD] Motto: __________ [Provide the manifesto of the organization] INTRODUCTION: [Provide an introduction about the organization and the way it came into existence] ____________________________________________________________ BUSINESS POLICIES: [Provide the basic structure of the rules governing the business] _____________________________________________________________ BENEFITS: [Provide the advantages of using its product] _____________________________________________________________ ENDORSEMENT INFORMATION: [Provide details of the eminent personalities patronizing the product company] ____________________________________________________________ CONTACT INFORMATION: [Provide toll free and fax numbers for further information] _________________________________________________________