The business card invoice template is a pre-built layout that provides billing details of the business cards printed for a particular business organization. The invoice must provide sufficient data with regards to the different expenses incurred during the designing, printing and final shipment of the business cards. The expenses of the material used as well as that of the business logo printed on the card must be mentioned. The details of the customer must also be present. Moreover, this kind of format also helps in keeping a proper record of the cash inflow within any company. However, the business card invoice template must have the provision to be modified and customized according to the different requirements of the printing company.

You can Download the Free Business Card Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Card Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Business Card Invoice Template:

Business Card Invoice Template

Download Business Card Invoice Template



Invoice no.: ____________Printing Company: _______________ [State the registered name]


Address: ____________________
_______________ [State the address of the company]

Phone no. ________________ [Specify phone number]


Date of Invoice: __/__/____ [dd/mm/yy] [State the date on which this invoice was sent]

Business Company Information: [Specify the required details]Name: _____________________Address: ______________________

Phone no. _______________

Email Address:________________________


Printing Information:  [State the details of the printing process]
Number of Business Cards Material Used [This includes labor charges, printing  equipment and the cost per unit] Total
Total Payable Amount: [Number of cards x Total Units used including taxes]
Service Tax Percentage included:
Grand Amount:
To be paid within:_______ to_______ [specify the time span within which the amount has to be paid]
Mode of Payment:_________Bank Name:___________ 

Bank Account no.________

Authority Signature: _______________[specify the signature of the concern authority by whom the invoice is being generated]