The business consultant agreement template is required to outline all the consulting services that are supposed to be provided by the consultant firm to the company during a period of contract. This kind of template essentially creates provision for detailing terms and conditions which both the parties need to abide by during the period of contract tenure. Therefore, provision for detailing all the necessary information regarding the agreement is required to be highlighted profusely.

Sample Printable Business Consultant Agreement Template

Business Consultant Agreement

Business Consultant Agreement for the year___________[State the business year]

Name of Hiring Company:_______________________ [Mention the name of the business that requires the consultancy services]

Phone no.______________

Name of Consultant Firm: _______________________ [Second party]
Phone no. _________________

Contract period:_______ [State the tenure of the agreement]

Date:_______ [State the date on which the agreement was signed]

Consultant Services: [Mention all the services that are required by the company from the firm]




Consultant Fees:

Agreement under the jurisdiction of_____________ [Mention the name of the governing body]



Consultant Firm:_________________