Business continuity invoice template provides lineation to detail the exact information about the daily activities and services of a business organization for its customers, clients, suppliers and other entities of considerable importance to the business. Thus it should be laid down in a manner such that the entire description of the methodology of the services and the resources required to complete them are clearly indicated in the invoice. It must act as a record of the service charges and taxes imposed on each service or service category. Business continuity plans are part of the organization’s preset rules and policies which makes it mandatory that the stipulated service outline and charges are maintained throughout, even after a serious physical loss or disaster in the company.

You can Download the Free Business Continuity Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Business Continuity Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Business Continuity Invoice Template

Business Continuity Invoice Template

Download Business Continuity Invoice Template


Business company: _____ [Provide full name]Mailing address: ________ [Mention address]Email: _______ [Provide email contact if any] Client company: _______ [Provide full name]Mailing address: ________ [Mention address]Email: ________ [Provide email contact if any]
Date: _________ [Indicate correct date of dispatching]
Number: _______ [Indicate invoice number]

Service Code [Mention code number]

Methodology [Provide a short explanation]

Level [Indicate the quantity]

Charge Per Hour [Indicate the hourly fee]

Total Cost [Mention the full amount of each service]

Tax Rate: ____________ [State the tax-rate]Amount Paid: _________ [State the amount paid in advance] Subtotal:  _______ [State the subtotal]Total inclusive of tax: _____________ [State the total]Amount Due: ___________ [State the correct amount to be paid]
TERM AND CONDITIONS: [Stipulate the legal terms of the business relationship]