A business dinner invitation template is a document with professional significance which is planned to either welcome a new executive member or to discuss business ventures. Thus, this document plays an important role in furthering professional relationship among employees. The template should be, as a result, planned sophisticatedly and presented neatly.

Sample Printable Business Dinner Invitation Template

ORGANIZER: _____________________________ [Provide the name of the agency]

Address: ______________ [Mention address] Phone: ____________ [Mention number]

The Recreation Club of our company has organized a dinner party as a token of reception and greeting of our new member

___________________ [Mention the name of the person invited to the occasion] of ___________________ [Mention the name of the department he belongs to] on ___________________ [Mention the date] at ________________________ [State the name and address of the hotel] due to begin at _______________ [Mention tentative time of presence]. We would be glad if you accept our invitation.


_______ [Give name of the committee head]