A business lease invoice template is a document which can be used to emulate the transaction involved due to a business lease. It creates a professional platform based on which business transactions and processes are conducted as well as recorded. Thus the template must be framed accurately which would garner all the cost details outlining the business processes. It should be attempted by professionals who are well-accustomed to the procedure and drawbacks of creating a faulty design. Owing to these drawbacks of having an erroneous template design, the invoice should be maintained in a reliable and valid layout completed with intact information.

Sample Business Lease Invoice Template

Business Lease Invoice Template

Download Business Lease Invoice Template


Business License Number: ________ [State valid license number]Nature of business: _________ [State the name and nature of business]
Name of lessor: ________ [Provide the lessor’s name]Name of lessee: ________ [Provide the lessee’s name]
Address of lessor: ________ [Provide lessor’s address]Address of lessee: ________ [Provide lessee’s address]
Contact information of lessor: ________ [Provide lessor’s contact details]Contact information of lessee: ________ [Provide lessee’s contact details]
Business lease agreement secured on: __________ [Mention date of lease]Business lease agreement valid till: _________ [Mention date of termination]
Permitted Rights: [Enumerate the rights and activities legally authorized to lessee]
Parameter Number [Number the components of the business] Parameters [Mention the activities allowed within  the parameter] Total Cost [State the amount owed by the lessee to the lessor]
Signature of lessor: ______________Signature of lessee: ______________[provide authorization of both the parties involved]