A business quote template is a special document prepared for the use of a particular business firm that has to publish or officially bring before its prospective clients, the various quotes of the business. Every business follows a set of quotes and abides by them as target statements to decide future plans and success, and the knowledge of these statements are as much the rights of all those who are involved in the business, directly or indirectly, as is of the firm itself. The template should thus be designed in a way so as to contain necessary sections to include all the business quotes in a systematic format. The template should be framed in a general format, keeping enough blank spaces that are to be filled up by the particular business personalizing the document.

Sample Printable Business Quote


                                  [Provide an image or logo of the particular business organization] 


_______________________________________ [Name]

___________________________________ [Address]

_______________________ [Contact number]

_____________________ [Website address]

[Mention all the relevant details required for the business organization, in a letterhead format]

I, _________________ [name of the individual framing the document], the _______________ [designation or position held] of the _______________________________ [name of the business firm] bring before all prospective clients, investors, creditors, shareholders, and interested customers, and all those who have directly or indirectly helped us in conducting business, the business quote for the annual term of _______________ [month], __________ [year] to ________________ [month], ___________ [year]. The particulars have been elaborately given below:

  • Mission Quote:
  1. ________________________
  2. ________________________
  3. ________________________

[mention the objectives of the business for the specific term]

  • Vision Quote:
  1. _________________________
  2. _________________________
  3. _________________________

[mention the future prospects and plans of the business organization]

  • Financial Quote:
  1. ______________________
  2. ______________________
  3. ______________________

[give complete details of the monetary aspects of the business]

  • Requirements Quote:
  1. _______________________
  2. _______________________
  3. _______________________

[give details of raw materials, equipments, machines and tools, manpower, etc. for new project(s)]

For further details contact:

  1. 1.   ________________ [Name]                       ______________________ [Contact No.]
  2. 2.   _________________ [Name]                     ______________________ [Contact No.]

_________________ [Name]                     ______________________ [Contact No.]

Business Quote signed by: _________________________________ [Name]



Date: _____________