A business seminar invitation template is an official document which clearly depicts the information related to a seminar which is organized with the purpose of educating clients about a certain topic. It is designed to include the special elements of the seminar and to invite customers in it. Thus the design template makes provision for two separate sections.

Sample Business Seminar Invitation Template

ONE-DAY SEMINAR ON _____________ [Mention full topic of seminar discussion] ORGANIZED BY ____________ [Mention full name of the organization]

You are invited to attend a business seminar, the details of which are given below:

Venue: __________ [State the name of the venue]

Location: _________ [State complete address of the place]

Date: ____________ [Mention date of the event]

Time: __________ to __________ [Indicate the time]

The seminar will be conducted for ___________ [Mention the target audience] with the purpose of ___________________ [Mention the objectives of presenting the seminar]

Speakers: [Name the eminent speakers]

For registration, contact _____________ [Provide telephone number]