A car lease invoice template is a pre-developed document which contains lineation for detailing lease specifications of different cars commissioned by a car company. It is like a receipt carrying the price structure for renting cars for a specific time period. The hourly rates for the cars vary according to the model and class of vehicle hired and also depending on the mileage served by each type. Thus the document not just acts as the price module of cars available but also as the record of the leasing transaction between lessor and lessee. The template shows the constructional pattern of the leasing information allowing certain flexibility in the document.

You can Download the Free Car Lease Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Car Lease Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Car Lease Invoice Template

Car Lease Invoice Template

Download Car Lease Invoice Template


Number: _____ [Mention the rental order number] Name of the car leasing agency: ______________ [Provide the name]Date: _________ [Mention the appropriate date of leasing]
Car leased by: _____________ [Mention the lessor’s name]
Car leased out to: ______________ [Mention the lessee’s name]
Lessee’s Details:
Address: ___________ [Mention complete address including city and zip]
Phone number: __________ [Mention his phone number]
Email: ________ [Mention email id]


SL. NO. [Enlist the car numbers] CAR MAKE [Indicate the model of car] KILOMETERS/HOUR [Mention the mileage covered per hour] RENTAL/HOUR [Mention the rental amount for each hour served by it]
Car type leased: _____________ [Mention the model hired by the lessee]
Initial amount paid: ___________ [Mention the security deposit made]
Duration: _________ [Mention the validity of the lease period in HOURS]
Amount due: __________ [Mention the total amount to be paid on return]