The commercial business card is specifically used by companies for the purpose of attracting potential customers and clients. The template is required to be constructed with a certain amount of professional dexterity. These templates are essential for making business deals or for various commercial business purposes and hence its construction needs to be done in an appealing manner and also carefully ensuring all the information is correctly entered.

Sample Printable Commercial Business Card Template

Commercial Business Card

  Company Logo [Provide the business logo]

Company Name:____________________ [State the name of the company for whom the card is being made] Business offers: _______________________ ___________________________________________ [State the offers that the company makes to the potential clients and customers. This is required to be done in a bold and appealing font] Address:______________________ [State the official address of the company which will be required by the customers/clients if they wish to avail any of the offers made] Office No.:_____________________________ Email Address:______________________ [if any] Website:_____________________[if any]