The competitive business analysis template is necessary for companies to analyze their current profile of business vis-à-vis their competitors, on terms of their existing management and finances resources. Thus the template must have provisions for preparing a detailed analysis report along with suitable demographics. However, this template can also be modified according to the nature of the competitive business analysis conducted by the company.

Sample Printable Competitive Business Analysis Template

Competitive Business Analysis Template

Company name:____________________________ [Mention the registered name of the company]

Year_______[year of business establishment]

Company Description: [Briefly state the nature of the business] 

Analysis Report:

Conducted by: [State the name of the company who has conducted the particular analysis.]

Date:_____ [dd/mm/yy]

Current Business Status

[The analysis report must contain the current business conditions]

Year Finance and Revenue Brand Value Management

Market Position

[State the current market position of the company]

Year Position Sales
Important Observations: [Briefly mention the observations made for possible improvement]
Seal: [authorized company seal]