A corporate business brochure template is a document which focuses on the tasks and operations of the corporate division by means of which the business polices are conveyed and clients enter into a business relationship with the company. This is very important to initiate any new business relation. Therefore the pattern should be executed well.

Sample Corporate Business Brochure Template

Logo: ______________ [Insert company logo] Company Name: _______ [Provide company’s name] Company Branch: [Provide the names] 1. ____________ 2. ____________ 3. ____________ About us: History: [State the antecedent event which gave rise to the unit] ___________________________________________________________________________ Mission: [State the company’s significant delegations] ___________________________________________________________________________ Vision: [State the goals and aspirations of the organization] ___________________________________________________________________________ Our contribution: Products and Services: [Indicate the product names] ________________________________ Milestones: [Indicate the milestone points with regard to the product and service] ___________________________________________________________________________ Current clients: [Describe the relationship with clients who are loyally committed to the business] __________________________________________________________________________ Our contact: [Provide information] Phone: ________________ Email: ________________ Website: _______________