The corporate business card template is a tool which can be used for sharing contact information in corporate level. The individual employee must attach not only his contact information but also the corporation’s contact details on the business card. However, this kind of template can be modified and customized as per the employee and employer needs.

Sample Printable Corporate Business Card Template

Corporate Business Card

Company Logo [Attach the corporation logo at the beginning of the card] Company Name:______________________ [Provide the name of the company in a suitable font which should standout in the entire business card] Company Tag:_____________________ [Specify the motto of the company] Employee name: [State the name of the employee] Title: [State the position held within the corporation] Address:____________________ _________________________ [Mention the address of the individual employee] Phone no.:__________________ [Contact No. of the employee] Email Id:_________________ [Email Id of the employee] Corporation Contact Information: Address:______________________________ ________________________________________ [State the address of the company] Phone no.:_____________________ Website:_____________________ Email address:________________ [if any]