The custom business invoice template is a pre-built layout that provides the necessary format to be followed by all businesses during cash or payment transactions. This is important in order to keep track of all the financial transactions made between the company and its customers. The custom business invoice template not only functions as a method of billing the customer but also as a record for future reference. Hence, this must be constructed with careful attention to detail. This custom business invoice template provides all the necessary aspects that are required to be filled in by the company and the customer. This can be customized according to the needs of the company.

You can Download the Free Custom Business Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Custom Business Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Custom Business Invoice Template:

Custom Business Invoice Template

Download Custom Business Invoice Template

Business Invoice for ____________________
[State the name of the goods or service provided]

Invoice no.: ____________

Company: _______________ [State the official name of the business]Address: ____________________
_______________ [Mention the address of the business]Phone no. ________________ [State the phone number]



Date of Invoice: __/__/____ [dd/mm/yy] [State the date on which this invoice was dispatched]

Customer Information: [State the required customer details]Name: _____________________Address:______________________

Phone no. _______________

Email Address:________________________


Customer Payment Details:Mode of Payment:_________Bank Name:___________


Bank Account no.________


Goods/Service Provided Information:  [State the specific information related]
Name: [State the name of the good] Description  [Briefly describe what this good is to be used for] Tax  [State Goods and service tax information] Due Amount
Sub total:Service tax:Labor Charges (if any):Grand Amount:


Bill Period: _________ to _____________
Company Seal: __________________ [The company seal must be provided]