The doctor invoice template has been built specifically for doctors and their billing purposes. This invoice is created by doctors and sent to their respective patients so that the required payment can be made. This covers expenses like consultation fees, medical tests and even medication subscribed and given by the doctor himself. This a highly important document as it acts as a future record for both the doctor and the patient. The doctor invoice is also necessary for keeping track of daily expenses and cash flow within the practice. It is important to formulate the doctor invoice template with the utmost precision so that there is no error in its lineation.

Sample Printable Doctor Invoice Template:

Doctor __________________ Invoice
[State the name of the doctor. The template must be created in the doctor’s letterhead]

Invoice no.____________________

Health Care Institution:____________________ [State the name of the health care institution]

Date of Invoice:_______________________ [state the date on which the invoice was dispatched]

Patient’s Name:___________________________ [Mention the name of the patient for whom the invoice is being created]


Gender: [Male/Female]

Address:_________________________ [State the correct address of the patient]

Phone no. ________________

Payment Details:

Medical Insurance Policy Type:____________

IP no. :

[If there is no insurance policy or it is does not cover the expenses, the following details need to be filled]

Mode of payment:

Bank Name:__________________

Bank Account no.:______________

Billing Details: [State the necessary expenses that the patient needs to pay]
Services:- Amount
Medical Tests
Sub total:____________Tax:______________Payable Amount:_________________
Signature of Doctor:______________Signature of Patient:________________