The employment contract template is an important document that is created by the company to finalize the employment of the applicant. This will include details of the post to be held, the purpose of employment as well as salary and increment information. The employment contract template must be formatted in a careful and lucid manner.

Sample Printable Employee Contract Template:

_______________Employee Contract [State the name of the company hiring] Employee Information: Name of Employee:____________________ Post to be held:_______________ Address:____________________ _____________________________ Phone No.:__________________ Email ID__________________________ Date of Joining:_____ [dd/mm/yy] Company Information: Name of Company:___________________ Address:___________________ ______________________ Phone no.:____________ Website:__________________ [if any] Contract dated:_________ [dd/mm/yy] Employee Objectives: [Highlight the necessary duties and functions of the employee to the company] 1. 2. 3. 4. Employment Features: [Elaborate on the salaries, interest, bonus shares, benefit packages and other such employment packages that will be part of the employment deal] 1. 2. 3. 4. Company Seal:________________ Signature of Employee:____________________