An event flyer template is created for business purpose that promotes a business event organized by a company. It procures all the information related to the event and produces them to the business clients inviting their participation. Thus the template has to be presentable and customizable to add new information or edit existing information effortlessly.

Sample Printable Event Flyer Template

Event Flyer Template

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EVENT NAME ____________ [Provide a name for the business event]

[Add the graphic image or teaser in this section]


Event organized by:
Name: ___________ [Provide name]
Address: _________ [Provide address]
Phone: __________ [Give number]
Fax Number: ________ [Mention fax number]
Description: [Lay down a brief description of the event regarding the programs to be conducted] ________________________________________________________________________
Objectives: [Mention the objectives behind conducting the event] ________________________________________________________________________
Benefits: [Include the benefits of attending the event] ________________________________________________________________________
Event to be held at: _______________ [Mention the venue]
Event to be held on: ______________ [Mention full date]
Event to be held from: ____________ am/pm [Mention time]