The freelance invoice template can be used by all freelance contractors for providing their clients the necessary details of the payment required to be made. It is important to construct the invoice template carefully and professionally by ensuring that all the services that have been rendered are clearly mentioned along with its charge. The freelancers generally frame the invoice based upon the terms agreed prior to providing the services to the client. Therefore, it is important to construct the invoice according to the prior agreement made. However, such a document can also be changed according to the requirement and purposes.

Sample Printable Freelance Invoice Template:

Freelance Invoice for _____________________________
[State the name of the project undertaken by the freelance contractor]

Date of Invoice:___________                                                                                                                                              Invoice No.____________

Name:_________________ [state the name of the freelancer]

Contact Information: [Mention all the required information]


Phone no.:_____________

Email ID:___________________________

Timeline:_____________ to__________ [Mention the time span based on which the invoice is being prepared]

Payment made to:

[State the Freelancer’s Banking Information for the client to make the necessary payment]

Bank account no.____________

IFSC Code:___________

Bank Name:

Client Information: [Specify the necessary information with regards to the client who has hired the freelance contractor]



Email Id:

Phone No.:

Project Details:

Nature: [Describe briefly the job undertaken by the freelancer]

Billing and Expenses

Date [State the dates on which the different parts of the job/project was completed] Particulars/Services Amount
Sub total:Tax:Grand Total:
Billing Period:______________ [State the time within which the payment must be made]