The freelance writing invoice template is a pre-built document that can be highly beneficial for all freelance writers for the purpose of keeping record of the writing projects taken up and the payment that is required to be made by the companies or clients that hire them. This invoice is sent to the client and a stipulated time period is given within which the payment must be made. The freelance writing invoice template needs to be formulated carefully especially with regards to the banking information of the freelance writer.  However, this invoice template can be modified according to the writer’s requirements.

Sample Printable Freelance Writing Invoice Template:

Freelance Writing Invoice for _____________________________
[State the name of the writing project taken up by the freelancer]

Name:_________________ [state the name of the freelance writer]

Contact Information: [Mention all the required details]


Phone no.:_____________

Email ID:___________________________

Invoice No.:______________

Date of Invoice:________________

Payment To be Made to:

[Furnish adequate details about all banking information required for payment]

Bank account no.____________

IFSC Code:___________

Bank Name:_________________

Bank Address:____________

Project Information:

Project: [Briefly state the name and nature of the writing project]

Deadline: Within_________ [State the time or date as specified by the client]

Date of Completion:________________[dd/mm/yy]

Company/Client Information: [State the contact details of the company or client who has hired the freelance writer]



Email Id:

Phone No.:

Bill Details:

Date [State the date on which the project was completed] Number of Articles Word Count Price Per Article Total Amount
Payable Amount:Tax:Grand Total:
Bill Period:______________ [State the timeline within which the payment must be made by the client]