The general partnership business agreement template is a prebuilt document that is used during the mutually consented partnership between two companies or firms. This must essentially include space for detailing the nature and objectives of the business partnership along with the agreement terms that has to be followed by the involved parties. Thus, this kind of template is needed to be created professionally, preferably with the help of a lawyer.

Sample Printable General Partnership Business Agreement Template:

General Partnership  Business Agreement

The general partnership business agreement has been created for the following parties:

  1. _______________________ [State the name of the first company]Address:______________
  2. _______________________[State the name of the second company]Address:__________________

Timeline:_______ [State the time period of the partnership]

Nature: of Partnership Agreement: [State the nature of this agreement and highlight specific duties of both the parties]

Duties of Company 1:

Duties of Company 2:

Objectives of Partnership Agreement:




Signed under the jurisdiction of_____________

Signature of first company:_____________

Signature of second company:_________________

Lawyer’s Signature:___________

Dated:______ [dd/mm/yy]