HTML invoice template is a pre-developed layout designed in hyper text markup language in order to impart a substantial and succinct look to the document. Such kind of template built in HTML creates provision for modification and re-use of a particular format consistently. HTML is generally used for designing web pages; therefore, an invoice template developed in this language also offers the flexibility to the businesses in transferring the invoice instantly to their client and customer over mail. Essentially this is one of the best alternatives to the generic and handwritten invoice templates. However, one must ensure to incorporate proper lineation while documenting such a template in HTML.

Sample Printable HTML Invoice Template

_____________ Invoice

[specify the name of the concern business by whom the invoice is being generated in HTML or as a web page]

Order Id:[specify the unique number for referring the order placed by the customer or client]
Payment Transaction Id:
Date and Time of placing the order:
Total Amount of the ordered product or service
Payment option:



Sl. no. Name and Description of the Ordered Product and Service Quantity Amount of each product or service
Discount:[specify the amount or percentage of discount offered by the business to the particular customer or client on purchase of the product or receiving the services]
Sales Tax: [specify the amount or percentage of sales tax charged on following items]
Due Amount:[specify the amount yet to be paid by the customer or client]
Authorized stamp of the business: _______________ [ Authorization of the business is important for authenticity]