An industry analysis template is a professional document used for reporting the status of the various facets of an industry chiefly involving the areas of achievement and failure coupled with the sources of threat and opportunity. Thus the document should be prepared on confirmation of the studies and not merely on speculation. This is a useful document, used to forecast the future of any industry.

You can Download the Free Industry Analysis Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Industry Analysis Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Industry Analysis Template

Industry Analysis Template

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[Provide the name of the industry]

Document presented by: ________ [Provide name]
Document presented on: ________ [Provide date]
Nature of analysis: __________ [Indicate nature]
PURPOSE: [Explicate the benefits achieved via the document]
ANALYSIS REPORT: [Lay down the individual findings]
1. Internal Strengths: [Furnish the factors contributing to its strength]
2. Weaknesses: [Furnish the regions of vulnerability and limitation]
3. Opportunities: [Expound the scope and external provisions]
4. Pressure: [Provide the current and future estimated threats to the industry]
SUMMARY: [Provide a succinct summary of the whole finding] _____________________________________________________________________
Signature: ____________________ [Provide signature]