Invoice form is a layout which is used for documenting any kind of invoices or bill of sale. Such a document creates provision for detailing the services and products rendered to clients and customers of a particular business and the cost incurred due to it. This kind of document should clearly depict how much money is owed by the customer to a particular business. Hence, it has to be constructed effectively and with a general approach, so that it could be referred for detailing any kind of business transaction. However, the lineation depicted in the form has to be flexible enough so that necessary changes could be made according to the need of the seller. Moreover, the document has to be prepared in such a way so that both the parties involve can refer to it in case of any future need.

Sample Printable Invoice Form


Business Details:
Name of the Business
Address of the Business
Date of dispatching the invoice
Invoice No:
Customer/ Client Details:
Name of the customer/ client
Address of the customer/ client


Sl. no Name of the product or services Description of each product and services Quantity [per unit of each product] Amount of each product
PAYMENT SUMMARY:Percentage of sales tax:Total amount to be paid [including the sales tax]:Due amount:

Date within which the entire amount has to be paid:

MODE OF PAYMENT:For card payment:Credit/ Debit card number: _________________ 

For Net Banking Transfer:

Business account number:

Bank Name:

Branch Name:

IFSC code:

Signature of the seller:Signature of the buyer: