The invoice template in Microsoft word helps to create the document essentially and with ease. It offers fairly simpler format wherein the lineation for proper billing details along with the services rendered can be designed. Moreover, such a template designed in MS Word helps to modify and customize the invoice according to the need of the business and purchase/sales made. Though such an invoice template can be constructed in general tone but in case of need, one can also document specific business invoice by the help of MS Word. However, irrespective of the type of the template document, one must ensure to present it in a lucid and clear approach so that it could be referred to in future need.

Sample Printable Invoice Template in Word:

Invoice Template

Invoice no.____________________

Date of invoice:________________

Seller’s Information:

Name:______________ [Provide name of the company or the licensed seller’s]

Address:_________________________ [Specify the official address]

Phone no. ________________

Email Id. [if any]

Purchaser’s Information:

Name:_____________ [State the name of the purchaser for whom this invoice has been created]


Phone no.:_________

Email Id:_______

Purchaser’s Bank Details:

Mode of Payment:_________ [State whether the purchaser prefers to pay in cash or in cheque]

Bank Name:_____________

Bank Account no.:______________________

Bill Information: [Provide the necessary information of the goods sold or services provided by the seller]
Name of Good/Service Expenses Incurred for services/ Price of Goods Amount
Sub total:____________Tax:______________Grand Amount:_________________Billing period:______ to ______________ [State the dates within which the payment must be made to the seller by the purchaser]
Signature/Seal:_________________ [The seller must provide official seal or signature]