The lease invoice template is a pre-developed layout which creates provision for incorporating necessary details regarding the cost incurred for leasing a particular assets or property. This consists of the amount that the lessee must pay according to the lease agreement signed. The invoice is created periodically according to the time period decided between the two parties. This will also include the mode of payment and the period within which the tenant must pay the lease amount. A lease invoice template also serves as a record which can be referred to in case of any future alteration. However, it must be prepared lucidly and should have scope for customization according to the various needs.

You can Download the Free Lease Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Lease Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Lease Invoice Template:

Lease Invoice Template

Download Lease Invoice Template

Lease Invoice for ____________________
[State the name of the leased property]


Invoice no.: ____________Name of the Lessor: _______________ [State the registered name]


Property/Asset Leased:


Address: ____________________
_______________ [State the address, in case of the leased property]

Date of Invoice: __/__/____ [dd/mm/yy] [State the date on which this invoice was sent]

Tenant or lessee Information: [Specify the required details]Name: _____________________Address: ______________________

Phone no. _______________

Rent Information:  [State the required details]
Rent Month [state the month and date for which the rent is being made] Rent Amount Other Expenses [This will include a list of expenses like electricity bill etc incurred during leasing]
Amount Due:
Total amount (including taxes):
To be paid within:_______ to_______
Mode of Payment:_________Bank Name:___________ 

Bank Account no.________

Signature of lessor:____________Signature of the lessee:____________________[authorization from both the parties have to be specify in order to avoid future contrariety]