The legal billing invoice template is essential for law firms to document the expenses incurred while providing their services to a particular client. This records the necessary expenses pertaining to the legal case and is sent to the client for payment. The lineation for date of payment along with the due amount for the legal services provided has to be specified essentially in the document. The legal billing invoice template should be created in a lucid and organized manner and should not create any confusion for the client. The invoice is also useful for keeping an account of the cash flow within the firm as well as keeping a future record.

Sample Printable Legal Billing Invoice Template

Legal Billing Invoice Template

Download Legal Billing Invoice Template

Legal Billing Invoice For____________[State the Case no. or name]

Invoice no.: ____________

Date of Invoice: __/__/____ [dd/mm/yy] [Mention the date on which this invoice was sent] 

Name: ______________ [State the name of the law firm or lawyer]





Client  Information: [Mention all necessary details]Name: _____________________Address: ______________________

Phone no. _______________

Email Address:________________________


Case Information:
Case Title:Nature: [Mention the nature of the case taken up] 

Duration:______________ to________________ [State the duration of the legal services provided]


Legal Service Expenses

[Furnish the required details related to the legal expenditures]

Particular no. Services Provided[ Mention all the services] Charge

Billing and Payment

[State the payment details that the client must fulfill]

Sub Total
Service Tax
Total Amount Payable:
Client Payment Preferences:Mode of Payment:_________ 

Bank Name:___________


Bank Account no.________


Bill Period :_______ to_______ [Specify period within which the client has to make payment]


Seal/Signature:_____________________ [The template must create provision for the law firm or lawyer to provide seal or signature for authenticity]