A medical assistant invoice template is a document which provides provision for recording the service names and descriptions that are supplied to medical practitioners on their request. Individual services are laid down with their respective category information as a chart for the medical experts to go through the bill at the time of payment. The payment structure is also indicated clearly mentioning the cost of each such service. The service cost varies depending on the duration of the service and the quantity of the items supplied. However, the format can be used by any needed person and only the information has to be put in the correct place to avoid any sort of confusion and to keep the strategies completely transparent.

You can Download the Free Medical Assistant Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Medical Assistant Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Medical Assistant Invoice Template

Medical Assistant Invoice Template

Download Medical Assistant Invoice Template


INVOICE NUMBER: ___________ [Indicate the bill’s order number]
Company Name: ___________ [State the company name]
Company Address: __________ [State the company address]
Company Website: _________ [State the company website]
Client’s Information: [Provide necessary details about the medical practitioner]
Name: ________ [Mention name] Specialization: ____________ [Indicate area]
Contact: ________ [State number] Patient attended: __________ [Provide name]
Assistant’s Information: [Provide necessary details about the medical assistant]
Name: ________ [Mention name]Contact: _____ [Mention number] Year of joining: __________ [Mention date in DD/MM/YY]
Service Name [Enumerate the service categories] Description [Elucidate the service type] Fees [Mention the fees charged] Tax [Mention the tax rates] Total Amount [Indicate the total stipulated amount]
PAYMENT TERMS: TOTAL AMOUNT: ______ [Mention total]AMOUNT DUE: ________ [Mention the due]
Signature of medical assistant: ____________ [Provide signature]
Date: ______________ [Provide date]