A medical bill invoice template unleashes the information regarding the medical services availed by an individual at a medical organization like hospital or clinic or even pharmaceutical company. It basically documents the entire bill or cost of money for using the products and services to cure a patient from certain sickness. Since it supplies the medicines and renders the service as a part of its business, the government levies taxes on them as well. Thus the document demonstrates the computations pertaining to the tax, medical insurances that have been made and the medical expenses covering the stay at the hospital and consultation with doctors. Thus it should be laid down unmistakably.

You can Download the Free Medical Bill Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Medical Bill Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Medical Bill Invoice Template

Medical Bill Invoice Template

Download Medical Bill Invoice Template

Invoice No.:_________ [Indicate the bill number]


Date: ______ [Indicate the date of the bill]
Organization’s Name: _________ [Insert the name of the hospital]

Organizations’ Details:

Address: _____________ [Mention ward’s location]
Phone Number: ________ [Mention contact number]
Email: ___________ [Mention email id and website]
Patient’s Name: ____________ [Insert the name of the customer]

Patient’s Information

Address: ________ [Provide home address]
Email: _____________ [Provide email id]
Products and Services [Enumerate the items of help rendered  to the patient] Duration [Mention the exact duration of affording the medical help in DD/MM/YY] Item Cost [State the cost]
1. Admission Procedure
2. Treatment
3. Doctor’s Visit
4. Drug/Operation
Service Tax: ____________ [Mention the tax details]Medical Claim: _________ [Mention the insurance details for concession] Total Bill: ________ [Insert total amount]
Cashier’s Signature: ____________ [Provide cashier’s signature]Patient’s Signature: _____________ [Provide patient’s signature]