New businesses are often required to make new contacts and agreements between vendors, employees and even other companies. Therefore, a new business agreement template has been created so that it can be used for the certain purposes effectively. Hence, it must be created cordially yet with a professional approach so that it leads to an effective agreement document for the business, at initial stage.

Sample Printable New Business Agreement Template:

New Business Agreement

The agreement has been created between ________________________ [State the name of the new business] and ________________ [State the name of employee, vendor, 2nd company etc with whom agreement has been made]

Dated:_______ [dd/mm/yy]

Time Period: _____ to_______ [specify the tenure of agreement]

Contact Information:

  1. ____________[Name of New Business]


  1. ______________ [Second party]

Nature of Agreement: [State the specific purpose for this business agreement]

[List the necessary details as follows]



Profit  and Loss:-

Duties and Functions:-

New business:

Second party:

This agreement has been registered under the jurisdiction of _____________________


New Business:

Second party: