A newsletter email template is used as a protocol to create newsletters and to send them to clients as a marketing strategy of the products. The template ensures uniformity and convenience in writing the email. Thus the document should have the provision of including all the data related to the business news according to the need of the client.

Sample Printable Newsletter Email Template

To: _______________ [Mention email address of the receiver]

Subject: ___________ [Mention the subject on which the newsletter is drafted]

NAME _______________ [Provide the company’s name]


 [Give a suitable title to the news article]

Introduction: ___________________________________ [Provide an introduction of the topic and its particular relevance]

Facts and figures: _________________________ [Provide factual details about the product promoted by the company]

Target ventures: __________________________ [Lay down the future prospects and scope of the company’s growth]

Expectations from client: ___________________ [Provide an outline of the expectations that the company has from the client company]

From, ______________ [Provide name]