An office estimate invoice template is a document which acts as a guiding rule conforming to which one can create an office estimate invoice record. It contains the basic elements that should be present and it exposes the exact way of expounding these in the most effective manner. The elements are based on the business or corporate projects undertaken by the company and their corresponding estimates in terms of expense and time frame. The estimates are approximated on the average charge and duration to get a somewhat clear idea about the cost and duration of the concerned undertaking. This is maneuvered by office staff especially those who have a fair knowledge in making estimates. This is given in printable form for easy downloading.

Sample Printable Office Estimate Invoice Template

COMPANY LOGO[Provide the company’s emblem]


Representative: __________________ [Name the person who prepares the document]
Document submitted on: ________ [Provide exact date]
Project Description: [Provide a brief description highlighting the expectations regarding the outcome] ___________________________________________________________



Name: ____________ [Provide name]Address: ________ [Provide location]Phone: _________ [Mention number]Fax: ________ [Mention number] Name: ___________ [Mention name]Address: _________ [Provide location]Phone: __________ [Mention number]Fax: ________ [Mention number]
Item Order [Mention serial number and name of items] Item Description [Provide a reason behind requiring the items in the project] Time Duration [Provide an estimated duration] Charge Per Unit [Provide the charge in $] Total Estimated Amount [Indicate the amount]
OTHER CHARGES:[State the associated costs]Shipping: _________Tax: ______________ TOTAL AMOUNT: ___________
Signature: ___________Date: ______________  [Provide signature and date]