An office invoice template is a document prepared for providing the outline of an actual office invoice, the one that is issued to keep the record of a certain official transaction or agreement, conducted or signed between two units of office or corporate sector, which may include private and public companies as well as government agencies, and can also include an office and an individual. The template for an office invoice must look similar to the actual document that is given by a particular office to another or to any person involved in the official dealings. The invoice template must be framed in a clear, compact, and understandable manner, without compromising with the professional approach while trying to keep it simple.

Sample Printable Office Invoice Template:

Office Invoice

 [Provide an image and logo of the respective office]


___________________________________________ [Name]

__________________________________ [Address]

__________________________ [Contact number]

______________________ [Website address]

[give complete details of the invoice-issuing office in letterhead format]

Office Invoice sent to:

Name: _____________________________________________ [mention the name of the company/ business/ individual receiving the invoice]

Address: ___________________________________ [give proper mailing address]

Contact details: _______________________ [telephone]

_______________________ [fax]

___________________ [email id]

Office Invoice No.: _____________________ [give the proper serial number of the office invoice]

Date of issuing the Invoice: _______________ [provide correct date for the invoice]

Office details:

________________________________________________________ [give a brief summary of the type of office and the nature of transactions conducted]

Invoice Particulars:

  • Product Name: ________________________________
  • Type: _________________________
  • Size: ________________ [in standard units]
  • Quantity: ________________ [in standard units]
  • Nature of service: ___________________________
  • Other details: ____________________________________ [if included]
  • Unit Price: _________________
  • Total cost: $ _______________
  • Discount: _____________
  • Taxes levied on the goods: _______________
  • Gross amount payable: $ _______________

[mention all details of the office invoice completely]

Norms of the Invoice:

______________________________________________________ [mention the terms and conditions included in the invoice]


[Signature/ Stamp of the Authority for Office Invoice]

Date: ____________