Office rental invoice template is a layout which contains lineation for the purpose of detailing the amount incurred for providing a particular office space in rent. This kind of invoice document not only serves as a record for both the landlord and the tenant but is also one of the convenient ways through which one could keep track of the payment made. Hence, a simple yet succinct invoice template helps to outline the necessary billing information associated with the renting of an office space.

You can Download the Free Office Rental Invoice Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Office Rental Invoice Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Office Rental Invoice Template

Office Rental Invoice Template

Download Office Rental Invoice Template


Tenants Details: [specify the tenants details to whom the invoice is being presented]
Name of the Tenant:
Contact Details of the Tenant
Rent Slip No:[specify an unique code of reference]
Date: [dd-mm-yy]
Rented Property Specification: [Specify the address and specification of the property that is being rented for the purpose of office set up]
Amount Received by the Landlord
Other additional amount or taxes: [In this section, details regarding the additional cost and taxes incurred for setting up an office has to be specified]
Payment option:Cheque No: _______________Money order number; ______________Credit/ Debit card number: ____________

Cash: ____________[ specify the total amount that is being paid on cash]

Amount To be Paid to: [ specify the details of the landlord to whom the rent is to be paid]
Name of the landlord:
Contact Details:
 Note:This rent receipt is being prepared abiding by the tenant rules defined on section number______ of country’s jurisdiction. Hence, any alteration in this document is subjected to legal implications.