A pay slip template is a document which unfolds the design of a pay slip issued to an employee before or after making the payment of his salary. It records the divisions and subdivisions of the entire payment structure and secures intact information. Thus the pattern of the document is pre-set which should be followed sternly by organizations.

You can Download the Free Pay Slip Template form, customize it according to your needs and Print. Pay Slip Template is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Printable Pay Slip Template

Pay Slip Template

Download Pay Slip Template

COMPANY NAME:_______________ [Mention company name]ADDRESS:______________________ [Mention location]CONTACT: ______________________ [Mention contact]
No. of working days: ________ [Indicate the period taken into consideration for it]
Employee Name: _____________ [Mention name]
Registration Number: _________ [Mention number]
Department: ________________ [Mention department]
Designation: ________________ [Mention job title]
Bank Details:
Name: _______ [Provide name] Branch: __________ [Mention branch name] Number: __________ [Mention registered number] Account Number: _______ [Provide account code]
EARNINGS [Mention the domains of entitled pay] PAY [Mention the respective amounts] EARNED [State the actual amount] DEDUCTION [Mention the deductions] AMOUNT [Mention final amount]
SIGNATURE (Manager): SIGNATURE (employee):